Sunday, January 23, 2011

I can't believe how time has flown by.  My mailbox has been full of bad things (bills) instead of good things (checks, prizes and samples), and my inbox hasn't had anything great to share either.  However, today, the mail-fairies finally smiled on me and I have good things to report:

In my mailbox:  It was certainly my day today.  I had a coupon worth $3.50 off of Excedrin PM, a coupon for a free bottle of Extra Strength Excedrin, a sample of dog food which also contained a $2 coupon, a $20 check from Toluna, and a $10 check from Synovate.

In my inbox:  This week I received codes from various survey sites for Amazon gift cards totalling $16.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In my mailbox:

I received the giveaway prize I had won in December from Deb's Finish Quantum and JET-DRY Turbo Dry giveaway.  THANKS DEB!

Do you love free samples?  Then don't forget to check All You Magazine, Target and WalmartToday I had a sample of dog food from Target in my mailbox. 

Giveaways Entered:   I entered another bloggy giveaway today:  Mary Beth over at Oklahoma Pastry Cloth emphasizes cooking from scratch, and has delightful recipes complete with pictures.  I can't wait to try her English Muffin recipe!  She's giving away an assortment of items any scratch cook would love to have:

  • Ball Canning Blue Book
  • Ball Brand Canning Utensils
  • Tea Kettle Timer
  • Onion Holder
  • Oklahoma Bedre' Chocolate Crisps
  • Box of Fortune's Blueberry Tea
Click the link above and scroll down  to the end of the "Deserve" blog post to enter your comment.

Another wonderful blog I found today is Lady Lydia speaks about Home Living. This blog is both inspiring and beautiful, and the amount of information shared on this blog is amazing.