Sunday, February 20, 2011

Its been awhile since I was able to update.  To make a long story short, we changed internet service providers.  Shortly thereafter, we experienced a blizzard and 50mph winds which damaged the ISP's equipment and tower.  This left me without internet for two weeks.  I got plenty of house cleaning done but I missed being able to communicate online.

In my mailbox:  I received the final $150 payment from the focus group I participated in over the Christmas holidays.  I also received $75 from participating in a focus group on Healthy Lifestyles, and survey checks from Pinecone and Mindfield. 

Awhile back, I was a winner in the daily drawing at iNetVideo and I recently received my prize, which was a blu-ray dvd of "Boiler Room."  Thanks iNetVideo for choosing my entry!   INetVideo sells movies, music cd's and video games.  Their prices are very reasonable, and you should stop by and check them out.  While you're there, be sure to enter their giveaway of the day!

One day I received a mystery package with nothing on the label or inside the package to identify the sender.  I wasn't expecting any samples or prizes, but the package contained two small computer speakers.  The speakers were shipped flat, but pop into a box shape for use.  How neat is that! 

In my inbox:  When my internet was restored, I had over 200 survey invitations waiting for me.  It's so overwhelming, but I'm dealing with them as quickly as possible.  We don't realize how much a part of our lives that the internet is until we lose it.  Then...we clean house.

In my house:  During the blizzard and the days following while I had no internet, I cleaned.  I cleaned my house from top to bottom, and everywhere in between.  I bragged to my husband that my kitchen floor was so clean that one could perform surgery without fear of dirt or germs.  I vacuumed the floors so much that I was emptying the dirt canister daily.  I washed walls, polished paneling, cleaned light fixtures, sorted through "stuff" and weeded out unneeded items.  The pile of items to donate grew bigger and bigger and the more I sorted out, the better I felt.  Soon, I had enough items to fill my SUV twice and as soon as the roads were cleared, I took the items to the thrift store, so I wouldn't have an opportunity to "change my mind."

Giveaway entered:  PinchingAbe over at Making Ends Meet is hosting a General Mills and Hot Wheels Breakfast Fun Giveaway.  The prize is five boxes of General Mills cereal that have Hot Wheels racers inside.  I'd love to win this prize, and share a box with each of the Wonder Kids.  The giveaway ends on February 20, so hurry on over and enter!